O1ex is a blockchain investment and advisory firm focused on making today’s technology better for tomorrow. At O1ex, we believe that a better way to grow technology is to empower beautiful minds with resources and be part of the change. We partner with leading-edge technology firms to redefine the way how we live, work, sleep, consume, move, create, connect, and play. O1ex along with the partners are interfacing a large number of individuals around the world to innovation and ventures. O1ex is 100% partners (team) owned and uses self-generated funds to boost the development. We are headquartered in Dubai and our IT operation is based out of Kanpur, India.


Our investment focus is to produce attractive risk-adjusted returns by constructing and managing highly customized & diversified crypto portfolios of carefully selected investment opportunities. Utilizing our industry expertise and continuous research on digital assets, we scrutinize and target every opportunity with a disciplined approach. O1ex’s well-defined investment processes and culture delivers a cutting edge to the traditional investment skills in this new era of Digital Economy.